Saturday, October 16, 2010

A sword fighting she devil

That's what I've decided to become. After finally healing from a long  term injury that left me bed bound and uselessly staring up at the ceiling for almost a year I've decided that this shall be my project. I need something  to keep my interest going in this world, a reason to engage in a full physical sense and I believe this might be it.

It's not about the giant boobs and chain mail bikinis, nor the stupid armor that covers nothing that has me interested. Thats all part of a fantasy world I'm not interested in joining. I have my own fantasies, thank you.

No, it's about getting my blood pumping, my mind and muscles working and interacting with other human beings on a semi regular basis.

It's also about self defense. Nice girls are taught to rely on some creep to conveniently not move while aiming a knee at his balls, so that they can run when he's down. After recently encountering a number of creeps while walking home late at night I much prefer the idea of holding my ground and having the creep flee from my awesome umbrella/sword skills. Who wants to be a "nice girl" anyway? I've done that for 30 years now and quite frankly I'm over it.

I'm a crap runner anyway.

BTW I'm so sick of being told by the pop culture media that bad girls, the ones with a sense of self worth and a bit of personal sexual freedom/power, are going to come to a really bad end. Look at it in most films. Bad girls often get the shit kicked out of them physically or emotionally and they are lucky if they make it out of the film/book/tv show/porn alive. What the hell is with that?

Crispin Hellion Glover

The name by itself is almost enough. Just that. It embodies a frisson of delight and a mental shiver. But for you dear reader I shall add more. He is an artist, actor writer and film maker who delights in disturbing the mind so that you are forced to think about things a little deeper.

There's a lot on the net about how psychotic and weird he is, the odd thing is that most people can't seem to see the distinction between the art/actor and the man. Of course I have never actually met him, so can not speak for who he really is.

Instead I go by what he creates. Dark imagery, disturbing thoughts and connections with an intensity beyond compare are what he brings forth into this universe. It makes you think, a lot.

You may want to skip the next bit, it s abit fan-ishly obsessive

I had seen him in Back to the Future as a teenager, but did not take much notice above the thought "he's got an interesting vibe." (this was before I realized that every fictional character crush I've ever had has been the bad guy, the one who is set against the normal everydayness of the world.). But it was his performance as the Thin Man in Charlies Angels that rocked my world.

He had an emotional intensity that I found both alarming and attractive. What would it be like to be ensnared with such a character romantically? It would change this semi toned life into something else, brilliantly colored with emotion and encounters with the world that would not otherwise happen. (And perhaps that's where I get these fictional crushes from, the need for something Other that I am not brave enough to act upon. But I stray from the point.)

But more than that, what would it be to actually be this character? To play it, even for a little while? To be so kick-ass you can beat all three of these supposedly amazing fighting experts at once and to be so damaged (? or see things so differently) that you are outcast, intense and well, there's the hair thing. God that is sexy and I don't know why. Perhaps because in a way its about possession? But I won't go there right now. Not yet.

Ok, so to cut the fan obsessed ramble short it led me to look him up. I read Rat Catching, saw It is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE! and What it is and How it is Done and listened to Clowney Clown Clown. Then I decided the guy was a genius and became a dedicated Crispin watcher. You should too, even if it makes you brain hurt you'll find that its a good pain once the neurons get all warmed up and firing in odd ways.

(But if all you're looking for is a bit of mindless erotic fan fiction, and it is in fact the only reason you cast your eyes this far then I would recommend this one, set in the Alice in Wonderland universe. It's explicit, if a bit to vanilla for my tastes, to the point and not the usual dren that the fanfic writers seem to create. Good fanfic of any kind are few an far between so read 'em when you can.)